3 Actionable Ways to Drive More Revenue

Travel recovery is gaining traction in many parts of the world. The increase in searches and traveler demand is linked with growing momentum for the roll out of COVID-19 vaccines and travel guidelines. At this point it is critical for accommodation providers to meet guests

How to capture mobile bookers

With increasing mobile use, more online bookings are made on mobile devices. Booking.com's research shows this trend clearly: 80% of travellers use a mobile app when researching a trip*50% of accommodation searches and bookings are made on mobile* Mobile rates lead to 28% more bookings

Attracte Long-Stay guests, worcation

How to attract Workationers and Long Term Stays

The coronavirus pandemic has created a new “working-from-home economy,” which is predicted to continue long past the coronavirus. With more people working remotely, renting vacation homes or holiday homes to guests who book accommodation where they can work has become a trend known as “workation” (sometimes

How to use Metasearch Advertising Part 1:

In this series of post starting with TripAdvisor we will introduce various metasearch advertising options. With 460 million unique monthly users,* TripAdvisor is one of the most well known travel websites in the world providing guidance to travelers and a range of advertising options for accommodation

Yield Management and Revenue Management for vacation rental, B&B, hotel

Revenue & Yield Management for Accommodation Providers

Common reasons preventing accommodation providers from using yield management and revenue management are cost, complexity and requirement of trained staff. What is the difference between the two approaches and how can these obstacles be overcome? What is Revenue Management? Revenue Management applies data science and insights such as

Improve Performance on Booking.com

Boost your performance on Booking.com

Even if your property is performing well, there are always opportunities to do better. All properties connected to Booking.com can now view their Property Performance Score and access and action Booking.com’s tailored Opportunities directly in Beds24. Depending on the Opportunity, actioning one can increase

Use Automation to Reduce Contact

Automation not only saves you time and makes you more efficient and professional, it also helps you reduce physical contact which will be appreciated by most guests at the moment. Beds24’s cloud-based automation tools let you keep everything under control from any device without direct contact

Recovering from COVID-19

In our Covid-19 Toolbox we are collecting practical information on useful functions and resources to manage business disruptions such as: CancellationsGetting ready for recoveryAdjusting to changed demand Handle cancellations Waiving cancellation fees and refunds may be expected by most customers. Before you agree you can try to offer

Advertise Vacation Rentals Part 2: Agoda Homes

Choosing which listing site to advertise your property on is one of the most difficult choices. In this part of a series of articles on the main vacation rental market places we will introduce Agoda Homes. What is Agoda Homes? Agoda Homes is  one of the fastest growing