List Vacation Rental on Google

List your properties on Google Vacation Rentals

Every day, millions of people around the world rely on Google to plan their trips. They research where they’ll be staying, share potential accommodations with fellow travellers, and navigate partner sites to secure bookings.

With Google Vacation Rentals, travellers can seamlessly find and book vacation rentals through Google Search, Google Maps and a dedicated tab within the Google Travel section. Travellers can also easily access Vacation Rentals on Google through the Vacation Rentals tab within Google Travel.

An effective way to benefit from Google it is to get your properties listed.

How can properties list on Google? 

Google shows listings from selected OTA partners, their certified technology partners such as Beds24 and integrated property managers.

  • When a guest books through one of Googles OTA partners the OTA’s normal commission will apply.
  • Due to Google’s minimum property number requirements, direct integration with Google is only an option for large property management companies.
  • Listing your property through a technology partner like Beds24 is an option for all holiday rental properties and allows your property to appear directly in search results and receive commission free direct bookings.
What are the advantages of listing on Google through a technology partner i.e. Beds24?

Beds24 can publish your listings directly to Google Vacation Rentals. Main benefits are:

  •  More commission free direct bookings: The booking takes place on your Beds24 booking page. Neither Google nor Beds24 will take a commission.
  • Control over your listing: Google will show the content you provide in your listing.A streamlined booking experience: The guest will book on your Beds24 booking page, which you can fully customise to serve as your Google landing page.
How does Google for Vacation Rentals work?

When someone searches for a vacation rental in the French Alpes they will see results similar to the image below:

Google Vacation Rental Listing

A click on the listing will provide the traveler with the property details:

Google Vacation Rental Direct Booking

Google pulls the images and live availability and prices from Beds24. When a guest clicks to book Google will send the guest to the Beds24 booking page where they can then securely book.

Which properties can list on Google? 

For your vacation rental property to be eligible on Google, your property must

  • provide a furnished space that’s private to the guest who’s renting it
  • accept short-term, overnight reservations
  • be managed and cleaned in-between stays.


Check our documentation for instructions on how to list. If you do not yet have a Beds24 account reach out to us for details.