Travel Trends 2024

How to benefit from the latest travel predictions

Each year, reveals the latest travel trends.

In their 2024 study, they surveyed 27,000 travelers from 33 countries. We’ve summarized the key trends and provided practical suggestions on how you can leverage them for your business.

Provide spontaneous luxury experiences

Despite saving where they can, travelers still aim to enjoy luxury experiences. 50% will use credit cards to spread holiday costs, 39% of pet owners would bring pets to save on pet-sitting, 34% would borrow designer clothing to avoid high prices on the other hand 54% would pay for accommodation upgrades and 47% are willing to invest in flight or train upgrades

Offer your guests affordable ad-hoc luxury maybe luxury linens, room upgrades, luxurious drink and food options, suggestions for outstanding restaurants.

Embrace sustainability

Travel is shifting towards sustainability, with 53% of travelers seeking eco-friendly accommodations and 65% wanting green spaces indoors. Sustainability is now a lifestyle, with 60% favoring app rewards for eco-friendly choices. Additionally, 47% aim to connect with locals in less-traveled areas, and 44% prefer exploring less touristy spots.

Think about house plants and valuate where you can be sustainable and surprise your guests with clever ideas they can copy at home.

Highlight local culinary traditions

When it comes to food, 78% of travelers crave new flavors. Half plan trips around specific restaurants or dishes, and 61% want to learn about local cuisine origins. Technology is reshaping dining, with 46% interested in VR or AR experiences and 63% curious about plant-based innovations like 3D-printed vegan steaks. Additionally, 27% are considering hiring personal chefs, with 37% of Gen Z leading this trend.

Include typical local products into your meals and provide information about them. Many guests are also interested in cooking classes to bring culinary experience home.

Revitalize travelers with recovery and wellness options

With warmer weather, 36% of travelers seek water-centric getaways for a quick fix, and 75% find instant relaxation by the water. Instead of riverbanks, 20% are curious about health retreats and 14% about psychedelic retreats. Overall, 18% aim to deepen self-connection, while 58% are drawn to sleep-focused retreats for better rest. Additionally, 48% show interest in tantra retreats for a deeper connection with their partners.

Sleep is crucial for more than half of the respondents. Ensure your guests have the best possible bedding. Consider offering a pillow menu, complimentary earplugs, or sleep masks. If you don’t offer wellness options yourself, collaborate with partners like massage services to treat your guests on-site upon request.

Delight travelers with unexpected discoveries

52% of travelers want mystery destinations, 56% seek off-the-beaten-path adventures, and 34% are open to traveling with strangers. A shift towards spontaneity is evident, with 55% preferring no set plans and 69% favoring flexible itineraries. Next year, AI will become mainstream in travel planning, with 48% of travelers trusting AI to plan their trips.

What are the secret discoveries in your area? Provide your guests with suggestions on hidden gems they can explore while staying with you.