Ultimate guide to effective guest communication

Successful hosting requires excellent communication between hosts and guests. Effective communication is essential for happy guests, 5-star reviews, and repeat bookings.

In this article we explain guest communication best practices and how to create an automated message flow.

Create a message flow

There are various stages of their guest journey where guests have different needs. Design the message flow to map the guest journey from booking to post-checkout. Here is an example:

Directly after booking: Immediately send a thank-you message with booking details upon reservation confirmation. Include general rules and some information about the area.

Check-in instructions: Share essential information such as check-in instructions, directions, and any special guidelines guests need to know a few days before arrival.

On the day of arrival, you could send a second message with check-in instructions and any last-minute details or contact information.

During stay: Send a welcome message in which you ask if all is as expected and provide tips and recommendations.

For longer stays, consider sending a message midway through to address any needs or questions.

A day before departure, send instructions for check-out and any expectations.

After check-out: Thank guests for their stay and ask for a positive review.

Effective guest communication

Automated proactive communication enhances the guest experience and reduces their questions, thereby decreasing the workload for hosts.

How Beds24 can help deliver a seamless hospitality experience for your guests:

Automated guest communication

Beds24 allows you to fully automate the communication at all stages. Automating guest communication and messaging saves time, enhances operational efficiency, and contributes to a seamless, personalized, and positive guest experience.

Sophisticated triggers allow target group-orientated and selective dispatch of each message.

Multiple templates

You can create multiple templates for automated or manual sending. Variables populate messages with information from the booking.

Beds24 supports bot HTML messages as well as a plain text option for APIm messaging with OTAs.

Central inbox for leading OTAs

Direct integration with Airbnbs, Booking.coms, Expedias and Vrbos messaging system allow Beds24 customers to communicate with their guests directly and securely from Beds24 via the channels messaging system.