Make your listing an Airbnb guest favourite

Make your listing an Airbnb Guest Favourite

Airbnb’s new Guest Favourite badge highlights the “most popular” listings, selected through guest ratings and reviews, and showcases exceptional guest experiences. Unlike the Superhost status, which highlights host performance, this badge highlights individual properties for their outstanding quality.

On average listings with a Guest Favourite badge receive 30% more bookings than other listings and have more room for a higher price.

Guest Favourites are updated daily and are identified based on a mix of factors related to overall stay and listing quality and reliability, including

  • Overall ratings and feedback in guest reviews
  • Category ratings for check-in, cleanliness, accuracy, Host communication, location, and value
  • Host cancellation rates
  • Quality-related incidents reported to Airbnb customer service
  • A minimum of 5 reviews

How to get a Guest Favourite badge

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to earning the Guest Favourite badge, but there are some key ways to improve the guest experience and increase your chances of earning the coveted badge.

Manage guest expectations

Good content is key. List all your amenities and make sure your descriptions are accurate so guests know what to expect. Add great photos to your listings that show what guests will get. Guests who find what they expected are less likely to leave a bad review.

Review your amenities

Prioritise those amenities that match your property’s location and guest profile, such as children’s amenities for family destinations. Remember that some amenities, such as pools, hot tubs and washer/dryers, can significantly improve listing performance. Allowing pets and providing a kitchen, WiFi and TV can have a more moderate but still noticeable effect.

Boost reviews

Good reviews are one of the most important criteria for Guest Favourite listings. Hosts who leave a review for their guests are likely to receive a review back from their guests.

Guest feedback helps you spot problems early and guests can offer perspectives you may not have considered.

How Beds24 can help you

As a preferred partner we can offer you advanced features and many convenience functions which make it easy to manage your Airbnb listings.

  • Beds24s automated messaging is integrated with Airbnbs messaging system so you can communicate with your guests directly from Beds24 and make sure they get the information they need at the right time. Why not be cheeky and ask for a 5* review after checkout?
  • Our reviews integration with Airbnb allows you to review your guests directly from within the booking and manage the reviews you receive from guests.
  • Direct access to your property score in Beds24 so you can stay on top of your performance.
  • You can update and review your full content directly from Beds24 to Airbnb. This includes the option to have a specific headline and content for Airbnb only.