rental agreement and legal compliance for hosts

Why rental agreement and legal compliance are important for hosts

Guest blog by our partner Chekin.

In this article we want to get you to know more about Chekin and how they offer a solution to automate all the check in process from the booking confirmation till the check-out being compliant with the law. 

What do you have to know about legal compliance and rental agreement:

A rental agreement is an agreement between owners and guests whereby the owner makes available to the guest the use and enjoyment of a specific property.

There are two types of contract adapted to either rent the entire property for a holiday period or for tourist use: To rent the property on a permanent or regular basis, the contract used is named “regular property rental contract”. To rent only one of the rooms of the dwelling (for a holiday, permanent or seasonal rental), a room rental contract is used.

In this type of holiday rental contract, Guests and owners  are protected in case of problems or discrepancies. 

It is important to include: 

  • The personal details of the manager or owner
  • The registration number of the accommodation in the corresponding tourist register.
  • The date of check-in and check-out.

More and more cities are approving the establishment of a tourist tax, which affects the overnight stay of foreigners and residents. These taxes are normally used for the promotion of tourism or the improvement of goods and buildings. They are established in relation to the type and category of accommodation. In addition, there are numerous exceptions to their application.

How Chekin automate it:

With Chekin you can forget about complex tasks such as those related to Legality and Rental agreements. All guest data will be stored in the Chekin cloud for the time required by law and sent automatically to the authorities, securitizing the homeowner business being compliant 100% with their legal obligation or requirements. You will also have the option to send the rental contract with the house rules to sign it online, totally customizable as necessary from your dashboard.

About Chekin features, it automatically get done the following steps: 

  • Chefk-in online (Quick, easy and secure)
  • Legal compliance (Store and send data to police automatically)
  • Rental agreements (Make your guests sign the rental agreements online)
  • Self check-in ( ID verifications and remote access to the property)
  • Tourist taxes (Automatically calculated and paid online) 
  • Online payments (All the payments in a one simple tool)
  • Upsellings ( Offer custom experiences to your guests and earn more money per booking ) : Coming soon.

Beds24 and Chekin together to bring the most complete solution:

This integration works for any type of accommodation. From hotels, inns, guest houses, vacation rentals. cottages, hostels, campgrounds and many more. Chekin is a 100% automatic and contactless check-in process tool that offers a full automatize process from the booking till the check-out. Its main purpose is to save time, money and make property manager’s daily life easier.

Beds24 and Chekin can considerably increase the efficiency of the tourist accommodation industries in a significant way. How? Simplifying workflows and automates repetitive tasks so you can  save a lot of time and money! 

Thanks to integration with Chekin  you can  just forget about working manually or using so many different tools and start automatizing all your processes.