Use Automation to Reduce Contact

Automation not only saves you time and makes you more efficient and professional, it also helps you reduce physical contact which will be appreciated by most guests at the moment.

Beds24’s cloud-based automation tools let you keep everything under control from any device without direct contact to guests.

Automated communication

Set up a series of automated messages which trigger at specified times before, during and after your guests’ stay to fully automate your communication.

  • Pre-check-in messages with check-in instructions.
  • Messages during their stay to check if everything is OK.
  • Follow-up messages after guests have checked out asking them if they had a good stay.
  • Additional messages which trigger on one or more specific criteria recorded in the booking.

Online payments

If you have not automatically collected a payment at the time of the booking you can send out payment requests allowing guests to pay securely from their computer or smartphone via one of our integrated payment providers.

If you use Stripe with Beds24 you will even be able to automatically collect pending payments and automatically charge credit cards sent from OTAs.

Automated check-ins and check-outs

Smart locks are a very clever solution to grant guests keyless entry. Our new partner Nuki offers an electronic, retrofit door lock that can be installed on the inside of the door within a few minutes, allowing guests 24/7 self check-in via the Nuki app or by entering a 6-digit code. Beds24 will automatically send the key code or app access to guests.

If you need to collect documents or transmit guests’ data to authorities you can connect Beds24 to Chekin for a seamless contactless workflow from booking to check-out.

These are just a few of the many automation features that can make your life easier. Visit our support center for more options your rental business can benefit from.