Optimize your OTA profiles to increase sales

Signing a distribution agreement with an OTA does not automatically lead to a substantial increase of sales. The number of bookings you generate on an OTA depends largely on how your listing ranks.

Define your key segment

“I want to reach everybody” is not a strategy which will be successful in the long run. With a clear positioning you can focus on spending your energy and means where it will have the most impact. It will pay off to research your competitors and local market and to analyze your strength and weaknesses.

Once you have positioned your business it is time to

  • select the OTAs which will cater to your target group
  • tailor your listing to appeal to your future guests

Optimize your listing

Use an original title
If a channel allows a headline other than your property name you should choose it carefully. Ideally such a title pinpoints what makes your business unique.

Give precise and accurate descriptions
The information you give to potential guests should be precise and accurate. Point out what differentiates you from your competitors without being pretentious. Specific and honest descriptions increase the chance a guest will book with you.

Like search engines OTAs use algorithms. Some algorithms penalize properties which do not provide comprehensive information. Using current SEO strategies on your OTA profile can improve your ranking.

Offer strong visuals
Research shows that listings with a large number of pictures convert at a higher rate. Your pictures should be appealing and give guests a clear vision of what to expect. Include interior pictures which show all key elements of the rooms, pictures of communal areas, exterior pictures and pictures of services like meals.

Choose your lead image carefully. This is the first impression you leave with a potential guest.

Make sure you use high resolution images of good visual quality. If possible provide a description for each photo.

List all your amenities
Showing additional features can help to attract guests and improve your visibility. Most OTAs allow guests to search by features so make sure your features list is complete and accurate.

Get advice
Your reps or market managers at the OTAs can assist you to create an ideal profile for your lodging.

Tend to your OTA profile
Make sure you periodically review your listing and bring them up-to-date.

What can Beds24 do for you?
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