How to become a successful host on Airbnb Part 2

Optimize for Airbnb´s search algorithm

In case you missed our joint webinar with Airbnb on how to improve your performance we have summarized Airbnbs key recommendations in a series of blog posts. 

This part explains how Airbnbs search algorithm works and what you can do to improve your ranking.  

How does Airbnb`s each algorithm work?

In order to optimize your performance on Airbnb it is important to understand how their search rank and algorithm works.

Airbnb’s search algorithm is designed to help guests quickly find places that meet their needs. Guests can filter for a price range but there is no way for guests to sort by price. Instead Airbnb will give guests always listings that meet the guests needs with highest quality on top.

The algorithm uses many factors to determine the order of listings in search results but there are 3 key factors which are important for a high ranking.

How attractive your listing is for guests

Number of clicks on your listing, how often guests attempt to contact you from your listing page, and how many bookings you accept. If lots of guests add your listing to their wishlist, it will rank higher in the search.


Your listing will appear in more search results if your calendar has lots of dates open, or if you have Instant Book turned on. 

Instant book is one of the filters guests use most in their searches and is also a standard feature for all listings connected via Beds24. 

How competitive is your price compared with other similar spaces in your area?  

What you can do

Check if you can remove booking restrictions that you don’t really need

If you are restricting availability with minimum stays or limit changeover days check if these rules are essential and if not remove them to optimize availability.

Update your listing content
  • First impressions matter! Add great photos to your listings
  • Optimize your listing content. With the launch of categories the focus is on great photography. 
Research your market

Do regular market research by searching for similar listings in your area and compare their prices and what they offer. 

Be responsive

A responsive and attentive host is the key to a good review and a good position in the search.  Beds24 allows you to set up automated messages which will be delivered to your guests via Airbnbs messaging system.

  • Always respond to guests’ inquiries within 24 hours because Responding to guests within 24 hours can help you boost your ranking.
  • Be there for your guests during their stay. Support them and do your best to accommodate any need they might have. You can use automated messages to check if your guests need you.
Review your guests

Reviews are essential to the entire Airbnb community, they build guest trust and help drive your business.

  • Leaving a review for your guests is a chance to show your gratitude and it also reminds them to review you. 
  • Airbnb’s internal data shows that hosts who leave a review for their guests, tend to receive a higher review score than those who don’t.*
Become a Superhost

If you do all of these things, you are also likely to become a Superhost which will give you also more visibility.


  • Earn extra money
  • Attract more guests
  • Access dedicated Superhost support


  • Maintain overall rating of 4.8 or higher 
  • At least 10 bookings in the past year
  • Less than 1% cancellations
  • 90% response rate


More information: 

*According to internal Airbnb global review score data collected between 01/2021 and 01/2022.

How Beds24 can help you

Beds24 supports advanced pricing and rule options for Airbnb and integrates with Airbns messagaing system. This allows you to automate your communication and communicate with your Airbnb guests directly from the booking in Beds24.

Being a preferred partner we can offer you advanced features and many convenience functions which make it easy to manage your Airbnb listings.

Watch the webinar on Youtube.