How to become a successful host on Airbnb

How to become a successful host on Airbnb Part 1

New Airbnb features and how to benefit from them

In case you missed our joint webinar with Airbnb on how to improve your performance we have summarized Airbnbs key recommendations in a series of blog posts. 

This part covers new features and how they can fill empty days in your calendar. 

Many people are being more flexible than ever about where and when they travel. To help them take advantage of these new possibilities Airbnb introduced new features which will also drive bookings.

Split Stays

This feature intelligently pairs two properties when a guest searches for a trip of a week or more into a single stay. 

Split stay homes are relatively close to each other and match the location, property type, and amenities from the guests’ search. They automatically appear at the end of the search results if there are less than 300 homes that meet the guests search criteria.


Hosts no longer need to have availability for an entire trip.

Your listing can appear in front of guests who previously may not have found it because guests are seeing up to 40% more listings when they search for stays of 14 nights or more.

How to be included in Split Stays:

  • You need a minimum three nights of availability 
  • If you have maximum stays set, we recommend to increase the maximum length of stay to at least 7 nights

Airbnb categories

When you open Airbnb these days, you are presented with 56 categories, like design, beach, OMG (super amazing homes), Ski-out etc. 

These categories organize homes based on their unique style, location, or proximity to a travel activity, helping guests discover new locations and destinations that they wouldn’t have even known to search for.


Categories drive demand to places off the beaten path.

How to get placed in categories:

  • Update high-quality photos and descriptions.
  • Review your list of amenities and features. 
  • Include relevant keywords In the listing descriptions (e.g. countryside or beach).  

What you can do in Beds24

You can update and review your full content directly from Beds24 to Airbnb. This includes the option to have a specific headline and content only for Airbnb.

Being a preferred partner we can offer you advanced features and many convenience functions which make it easy to manage your Airbnb listings.

Watch the webinar on Youtube.