Improve Your Guests Experience

An efficient check-in process, a clean room and quality staff are essentials a guest expects. To make a difference hosts need to move beyond the basics. Personalized service is one key to improve guests service experiences.

Customer Service is the New Marketing*
Service has always been a differentiator. Due to the growing influence and importance of ratings and social media for the hospitality industry the impact of every single guest experience can be huge. Knowing guests needs and delivering proactive service is the differentiator in a competitive environment.

Personalization is not only a benefit to the guest. It can also provide sales opportunities by offering the right customer the right services or extras.

The newly added Guest Database gives Beds24´s users the option to not only view a guests previous and upcoming bookings but also store additional information and preferences. Thus, hosts can incorporate proactive strategies to optimise guests experiences. The guest database is included in all Beds24 accounts at no extra charge.

If you don’t have an account you are welcome to use the free trial to test without obligation.

*Quoting Brian Solis who explains his thesis on his blog.