How to use Metasearch Advertising Part 1:

In this series of post starting with TripAdvisor we will introduce various metasearch advertising options.

With 460 million unique monthly users,* TripAdvisor is one of the most well known travel websites in the world providing guidance to travelers and a range of advertising options for accommodation providers which are:

Sponsored Placements

Sponsored Placements are targeted ads which appear above Tripadvisor search results, on local competitors’ pages, and on other high-profile shopping pages across all devices.

Properties pay for Sponsored Placements on a cost-per-click basis.

With Sponsored Placements Standard, guests can book via OTA’s like For Sponsored Placements Direct, TripdAdvisor will show a “visit hotel website” link so guests can book directly.

To use Sponsored Placement Direct, you must be connected via one of the certified connectivity partners like Beds24.

Special offer for Beds24 customers: 10% off Sponsored Placement standard or Sponsored Placement Direct for the first month for customers that have not used Sponsored Placement in 1 year.

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Business Advantage

Business Advantage is a subscription service which gives access to tools designed to better market your property to potential guests and connect them to your direct booking channels.

Travelers can contact you directly on TripAdvisor via your website, phone or email address.

You can enhance your profile with a special offer, highlight a favourite review or create a custom storyboard to motivate travellers to book. You will also gain access to TripAdvisor analytics, providing you with data to make informed business decisions and optimize your performance.

Special offer for Beds24 customers: One month free trial for those that have not used Business Advantage in 1 year.

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TripConnect was the first booking option on TripAdvisor, it offers products that help drive direct bookings:

With TripConnect Cost-Per-Click you pay when a guest clicks on the link to your booking page. The higher your bid, the higher your listing will show in TripAdvisor’s price comparison. You can also combine TripConnect with Sponsored Placements to receive direct bookings.

TripConnect Instant Booking allows travellers to book immediately on TripAdvisor. It is a “Pay for Stays” commission model that is only available in some English-speaking countries.

Automated review collection

TripAdvisor’s Review Express allows you to send automated review requests to your customers after they have checked out.

TripAdvisor does not charge for Review Express, but to use it you must be connected via one of the certified connectivity partners like Beds24.


As TripAdvisor Premium Connectivity partner, Beds24 can connect hotels, enabling them to use Sponsored Placements Direct, TripConnect and Review Express.

TripAdvisor offers a marketplace for hoteliers to increase their visibility. We can not give a general recommendation because some hotels may find the return-on-investment good while others may not see enough value.

TripAdvisor offers Beds24 customers a discount on Sponsored Placements and a free trial of Business Advantage which might be an incentive to test these services to find out if it works for you.

*Source:: Tripadvisor internal log files, average monthly unique visitors, Q3 2019