How to capture mobile bookers

With increasing mobile use, more online bookings are made on mobile devices.’s research shows this trend clearly:

  • 80% of travellers use a mobile app when researching a trip*
  • 50% of accommodation searches and bookings are made on mobile*
  • Mobile rates lead to 28% more bookings from mobile traffic*

This trend is supported by increasing local demand. Local bookings tend to be made at the last minute and predicts that 74% of local demand bookings will come from mobile phones*.

Targeting mobile users with a special discount can encourage them to book immediately while they are looking at your property.

Increasing visibility and conversion for mobile bookers

Mobile Rates increase visibility to these customers.

These are special discounted rates which are only visible when someone books from a mobile browser.

Creating Mobile Rates in Beds24

Beds24 offers the most flexible price and discount options which allows a sophisticated pricing approach.

You can conveniently create and update Mobile Rates for and Expedia directly in Beds24 from PRICES > PROMOTIONS.

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