How to attract high-value travellers

Many OTAs offer loyalty programs to travellers. Travellers who sign up will receive rewards like discounts, and other special incentives if they perform repeat bookings with the OTA.

For accommodation providers, these member bookers can be a highly attractive target group. For example, Expedia Group loyalty programme members, on average, book 2.5x more frequently than non-members. They also spend more on travel. In fact, Expedia Group Gold members spend 22% more than non-members.*

Recent Expedia Group research tells us that discounts are a compelling motivator for travellers looking to book in 2023.

  • Low pricing is the #1 consideration that customers value most when booking travel.*
  • 52% of consumers value special discounted pricing more than any other benefit from travel loyalty programmes.*
  • Consumers named discounted rates as the most appealing type of offer when they book travel.*


However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that consumers are hunting for the cheapest rate. Many people may feel comfortable increasing their overall budget for travel—but they want to get their money’s worth. So, while travellers are searching for discounts and add-ons, it is more important than ever to design a promotional strategy that delivers a strong return on your investment. Members Only Deals are a great strategy to target your offer to the best possible audience and improve your visibility in search.

Target high-value travellers and stand out in search results
When you set a Members Only Deal, your property receives special badging that helps it stand out among competitors on Expedia Group sites. By adding Members Only Deals, you will also benefit from sort order uplift, increased merchandising and appear in filtered traveller searches.

Capitalise on the momentum
On average, properties with a Member Only Deal offer at 20% or more see 25% higher gross booking value than their comp set with an offer at 10%.*

Ready to get started?
With Beds24 you can conveniently create and manage your promotions directly from your Beds24 control panel.
If you want to target these high value guests with Members Only promotions all you need to do is click on PRICES > PROMOTIONS.


*Source: Expedia Group, 2023 Traveller Value Index