mobile friendly booking engine

How to Drive Direct Bookings

Key to direct bookings is a powerful and easy to use booking engine on your web site which is clear fast and simple to use. The functionality of the system you choose will have a direct impact on your direct bookings. These are our tips to maximise your direct bookings:

Make a good impression

Customise your booking page
Ideal is a booking engine which allows a seamless integration into your web site. You should be able to customise the look of your booking engine as well as the content so it feels like an integral part of your web site and not some add-on.

Do not confuse potential guests

Avoid too many options
If the customer has initially too many choices they might hesitate. Offering extras after the guest has decided they want to stay with you has proven to be an effective way to upsell.

Use rich sales oriented content

Pictures, pictures, pictures
How many pictures you show depends on the type of accommodation you offer. While one picture might be enough for a budget room, a luxury accommodation will require more pictures to demonstrate the feel of the room. All pictures should be optimized for quality and page load time.

Availability calendar
Guests might have chosen dates which are not available. An availability calendar allows them to choose alternatives.

Show what you have on offer. A list of amenities gives guests a good overview on what to expect.

Cater to your guests needs

Payment options

If you require a payment from guests at the time of the booking you might want to give them a choice between different payment methods for example credit card or Paypal.

Language support
Allow guests to make a booking in their own language.

More and more bookings are made on mobile devices. If your booking engine is not mobile friendly you will miss out.

How does Beds24 help lodgings to generate more bookings?

The modular design of the booking page not only allows you to choose which content you want to show but also control where your content is displayed. This is what you can expect from Beds24:

  • Choice of modules which can be placed on the page according to your requirements.
  • Option to customise general designs like colours and fonts and even to apply your own css.
  • Language support for over 30 languages.
  • Choice to use one or more leading payment providers for guest payments.
  • A responsive layout which adapts automatically to the screen size used.

Visit our demo page to see a few of almost unlimited options.