Meta Search for hotels

Boost Direct Bookings with Meta Search Advertising

Meta search engines make it easy for price conscious guest to find the best price for what they want to book by comparing prices of various providers in one place with the option to instantly book the best offer.

Since meta search engines are getting more and more popular with travellers they can be considered not just a trend but an increasingly relevant distribution channel.

Good news is that meta search engines are now more accessible to independent accommodation providers. Instead of exclusively showing prices available through online travel agencies (OTAs) independent accommodation providers can also include a “” link which allows travellers book directly on the hotel websiete.

How does Meta search work?

Meta search engines compare offers on several websites by factors and display the most relevant results in one place.

To generate the data meta search engines either use screen scraping techniques to extract information from other websites or cooperate with key channels.

What does meta search advertising cost?

Meta search engines work with two different models:

Cost-per-click (PPC) mans you will pay for each click on the ad.

With a Commission-per-booking model you only pay a commission for confirmed bookings so you will not need to worry about managing bids and you only pay commission for confirmed bookings.

How can independent hotels benefit from meta search advertising?

Though advertising on these platforms hotels can generate leads and drive direct bookings. The price paid for the placement on the meta search can work out lower or the same than OTA commissions.

To advertise on these platforms your booking engine or channel manger needs to be a certified partner so they can send your real-time rates and availability.

Beds24 is cerified Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor and Trivago partner. These partnerships allows Beds24 customers to compete with OTAs on these meta search platforms. If you are not yet using Beds24 you are welcome sign up for a Free Trial to test without obligation.

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