Attract more high-value travellers with promotions

Many OTAs offer loyalty programs to travellers. Travellers who sign up will receive rewards like discounts, and other special incentives if they perform repeat bookings with the OTA.

For accommodation providers, these member bookers can be a highly attractive target group. For example, Expedia Group members, on average, book twice as many nights and spend twice as much as non-members. These members are also more frequent travellers: over 60% of travellers in Expedia Group loyalty programs stated that they expect to travel several times a year.

Expedia provides us with additional interesting insights on their 100 million plus members, which we can share with you:

  • 65% of travelers said they use a pricing filter when searching on a travel booking website.*
  • A room discount would make 50% of travelers more likely to book an extra night.*
  • 30% of travelers considering their first trip after the global pandemic will consider promotions and discounts when choosing their lodging options.*

Expedia Group research shows that discounts remain a compelling motivator for travellers looking to book so it is more important than ever to design a promotional strategy that delivers a strong return on your investment.

With Beds24 you can conveniently create and manage your promotions directly from your Beds24 control panel.
If you want to target these high value guests with Members Only promotions all you need to do is click on PRICES > PROMOTIONS.


*Source: Expedia Group, What travelers want in 2021