Advertise Vacation Rentals Part 2: Agoda Homes

Choosing which listing site to advertise your property on is one of the most difficult choices.

In this part of a series of articles on the main vacation rental market places we will introduce Agoda Homes.

What is Agoda Homes?
Agoda Homes is  one of the fastest growing portals for vacation rentals with millions of users in Asia and all over the world catering towards individuals, groups or families seeking a more local experience when they travel.

Agoda Homes belongs to Agoda which is  part of Booking Holdings.

Agoda Homes lists vacation rentals such as entire apartments, bungalows, houses or villas.

Key facts:

  • List properties for free
  • Owner Fee: 0% per booking  for single-room units (rent out entire places), for multi-room units (1 property with different room types or more than 1 inventory like a hotel) a host fee will apply. The rate is 12-25% depending on the property location.
  • Guest Fee: 5-10% per booking
  • Payouts via Paypal, bank transfer or virtual credit card

Agoda Homes mobile app for hosts allows you to view bookings and communicate with guests.

How does Beds24 integrate with Agoda Homes?

You can automatically update your holiday rentals directly from Beds24:

  • Changes in prices or availability are automatically updated.
  • Bookings, modifications and cancellations are imported.
What is the set up process?

Click here to get started. Quick-setup via listing import is available. A specialist from Agoda Homes will assist you.

Once you have your Agoda Homes hotel Ids you can map your properties and prices in Beds24 in SETTINGS->CHANNEL MANAGER->AGODA HOMES.

Are there minimum requirements?

No. All vacation rentals can list.