Advertise Vacation Rentals Part 1:

Advertising your properties on the right vacation rental sites will give you visibility to generate new bookings for your business. Choosing which listing site to advertise your property on is one of the most difficult choices. In a series of articles we will introduce the main vacation rental market places starting with HomeAway/VRBO.

If you are not yet on HomeAway/VRBO or you currently manage your HomeAway/VBRO listings manually you can use our XML integration to publish your listings, automatically import bookings, update photos, prices and descriptions directly from Beds24.

What is HomeAway/VBRO?

Founded in 1995 HomeAway/VRBO offers a global marketplace for vacation rentals. The HomeAway/VRBO network consists of a number of strong local brands including,, and reaching more than 75 million travellers per month across 190 countries, as well as additional exposure to Expedia Group’s 750M+ travellers per month

Homeowners and property managers have access to millions of travellers with a single log-in by automatically distributing your listings to HomeAway and Expedia networks with a single log-in.

Key facts:

  • List properties for free
  • Owner Fee: 5% per booking
  • Guest Fee: 5-15% per booking

How does Beds24 integrate with HomeAway/VBRO?

You can list and manage your holiday rentals directly from Beds24:

  • Add new listings or synchronize existing ones, so they are automatically updated.
  • Changes in prices or availability are automatically updated.
  • Bookings, modifications and cancellations are imported.
  • Send changes in property information directly from Beds24.
  • Full support for HomeAway/VRBO’s Guaranteed Pricing model.
  • Coming soon: receive and manage messages from HomeAway/VBRO directly from Beds24.

What is the set up process?

Contact Homeaway via this link and ask them to open a project for you to use Beds24 channel manager. Then send us a support ticket indicating you want to use the Homeaway XML connection.

A dedicated Homeaway implementation specialist will get in touch and work with you to optimize your listings and set them live.

Are there minimum requirements?

HomeAway/VRBO requires property managers to have five or more listings to use their XML connection. If you do not qualify you can use our HomeAway/VRBO iCal connection to sync availability and bookings.

You will need some basic descriptive information and high resolution pictures.