Google Hotel Ads for small hotels

Advertise your lodging on Google Hotel Ads

Google Hotel Ads allows hoteliers to showcase their hotel via adverts across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices on Google. Guests actively seaching for accommodation on Google Search or Google Maps will be shown ads through which they can book directly with the hotel.

How can small hotels and B&Bs use Google Hotel Ads?

Google Hotel Ads Integration Partners like Beds24 are certified to send the required data to Google on your behalf.

Google offers a cost-per-click bidding or commission-per-booking model. The commission-per-booking model which Beds24 supports is much more suitable for smaller properties because it means you will not need to worry about managing your bids and you only pay commission for confirmed bookings not for each click.

How does it work?

Step 1. Send your data to Google Hotel Ads

Before you can start with ads your property will undergo a matching and verification process at Google. For the matching Google will use the information from your “Google My Business Page”. Once your property is matched you will be eligible to appear in Googles hotel listings.

Step 2. Create your landing page

The quality of your landing page is crucial for your conversion rate. Beds24 allows you to set up a special landing page tailored to the needs of guests coming from Google.

Step 3. Bid

Google will display the highest and the next highest bidder directly in the ad. The four next highest bidders will be shown after the guest clicks on “More”.

If your commission bid is competitive, Google will provide a link to your direct booking page in their search results.

What can you do to maximise your performance?

  • If you use OTAs make sure your direct rates are competitive with OTA pricing.
  • Optimize your bid to find the best balance between cost and conversions.
  • Keep your Google Google My Business Page up do date.