3 Actionable Ways to Drive More Revenue

Travel recovery is gaining traction in many parts of the world. The increase in searches and traveler demand is linked with growing momentum for the roll out of COVID-19 vaccines and travel guidelines.

At this point it is critical for accommodation providers to meet guests expectations and capitalize on increasing demand. We have teamed up with our partner Expedia group to extract 3 top recommendations to drive reservations and revenue from Expedias research.

1. Encourage extended stays

Whether because they want to make up for lost vacation time, or they have flexibility in working remote, 55% of families plan to spend more on a longer stay in 2021* according to Expedia’s research.

A discount is the number one incentive that encourages travelers to book an extra night at an accommodation.*

Generally, promotions help you stand out from the competition and can improve your overall booking strategy..

Now it’s even easier to create and manage your promotions directly in Beds24 from the PRICES > PROMOTIONS menu. Promotions can be activated or deactivated whenever you like so it is easy to give it a try and see what it does for your business.

Travelers looking for longer stays are likely to book further out into the future.  Expedias data shows that a majority of bookings happen way in advance, so you should be open for booking at least 365 days in advance.

2. Be flexible

This year, nearly two-thirds (60%) of travelers said they are unlikely to book a non-refundable option in exchange for a reduced rate*. This was an almost complete shift from 2020 when two-thirds (66%) of travelers said they were likely to book a non-refundable rate. 

With travelers prioritizing flexibility when they are considering properties to book, it is important to offer flexible options. Beds24 support multiple offers and rate plans so if you do not yet offer guests a flexible option it is time to add one now.

3. Showcase your property

A picture is worth a thousand words because travelers focus on finding a property where they can envision their stay and feel at home. This is how photos ranked in “What Travelers Want in 2021”

  1. room and bathroom photos were most important
  2. travelers also want to see photos of property amenities
  3. property exterior photos ranked third
  4. if offered travelers expect photos of food and dining options

About 70% of travelers* say they are willing to pay extra for properties that have their favorite amenities and services. This proves that finding the right experience is as important as finding the best deal. Especially to those who are willing to be away from home for an extended period of time.

Top-Hotel amenities travelers would be willing to pay more for*:
  1. Spa treatment
  2. In-room jacuzzi
  3. High-speed internet
Top-Vacation rental amenities travelers would be willing to pay more for*:
  1. High-speed internet
  2. Heated swimming pool
  3. Hot tub
Travelers must-haves*
  1. High-speed internet
  2. Streaming services (Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video)
  3. Conveniently located USB ports
  4. Contactless check-in
  5. Smart home speakers
  6. Home office (printer, scanner) 

You can find more information and case studies in the recording of our joint webinar with Expedia group and access to the full “What Travelers Want in 2021” report here.

*Source: What Travelers Want in 2021, Expedia Group