Online Bookings from WordPress Sites

WordPress is becoming very popular with smaller hotels, B&Bs guest houses and inns. Though it was created as a blog software it can also serve as a CMS for a website. Integrating a blog and a website can be one reason to choose WordPress over other CMS options. But there is more to why people like WordPress:

  • It comes in a free open source version. Especially for small businesses setting a website up themselves is an option to save costs.
  • There is a large active community of people who help you when you get stuck and create free and premium themes.
  • To perfom functions that are not built into WordPress plugins can be installed. Plugins basically are apps’ for WordPress.

A fully functioning website for lodging like hotels, B&Bs guest houses and inns need to let their guests to see their availability and allow online bookings. To make it easy to integrate a fully functioning online booking system into a wordpress site created a WordPress plugin. The plugin lets hosts display an embedded booking page which displays an availability calendar and/or a booking widget.

All modules can be fully customised to fit seamlessly into any design. On the right hand side you can see a booking box.

The plugin is free to use for all customers. A free trial account is available at Visit our Demo Hotel to see an example.