Increase Revenue: Distribution & Channel Management

Fifteen years ago bookings were generated through travel agencies, write ups or ads in publications, repeat-customers and referrals. Today travelers go on-line and search the web. Of course, repeat customers and referrals are still important, but in a world where billions are connected to the Internet, on-line marketing channels are the dominant driver for business.

According to PhoCusWright’s predictions OTA gross bookings in Europe will see double-digit growth through 2015 then representing almost half (41%) of on-line bookings. The OTA market is driven by fierce competition among global heavyweights spending enormous budgets on SEM to be on top of search results.

Own website bookings are most desirable but increasing distribution by listing on third-party sales sites is the easiest way to bost bookings. To do this effectively it is essential to keep inventory and rates accurate.

A channel manager (Beds24 being a leading example) allows accommodation providers to manage availability and rates across multiple online booking sites from a single easy-to-use web page. When a booking occurs on any site the system will automatically adjust inventory across all channels. This maximises the chance of being booked without risk of overbooking.

Hotel Channel Manager

Benefits of using a channel manager:

  • Elimination of double bookings
  • Accurate availability and price parity on on-line booking channels
  • A single change updates multiple websites minimising staff and training
  • Adding additional OTA’s causes little or no additional effort for each channel

Connections can be one-way (single) or two-way (reciprocal). Beds24 has certified two-way connections with leading booking channels and is certified TripConnect partner. Visit our website for a complete list of connected booking channels.