Increase Hotel and B&B Revenue: Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers for hotels & B&B#sThe popularity of voucher codes has rapidly grown over the past years. This is because they are an easy and flexible way of promotion. The hospitality industry is no exception. Many hotels already use vouchers and discount codes.

With people thinking about what to give at the moment it might be a good time to give the topic a thought. Popular uses for lodgings are:


Selling gift vouchers
Selling hotel gift vouchers can be a real boost to your revenue. Especially around the holiday season when people are looking for special presents.

Rewarding loyal guests with a gift voucher
Say thank you with a voucher for a free extra or even an extra night.

Promotional discount codes
Everyone loves a bargain. This is why discount codes can really drive bookings. Use discounts to boost direct bookings to maximise occupancy when you need it. Or promote bookings from specific sources.

Corporate rates
Discount codes can be used to offer special rates for certain customers.

Of course discounts lower the margin. But it basically is a from of acquisition cost. And if used wisely the benefit of any promotion should outweigh its cost.

We have upgraded the Beds24 discount code feature to offer even more flexibility for discount codes and gift vouchers. If you don’t have an account you are welcome to use the free trial to test the system without obligation.