Increase Hotel and B&B Revenue by Cross-selling and Up-selling

The idea of cross-selling is getting a customer to buy something else together with the product or service they already have chosen. The classic example is McDonald’s standard question: ‘Do you want fries with that?’ Cross-selling does not mean manipulating your guests. It is about offering something the customer has  genuine interest in, someting well-connected to the product they already have decided they want.

Do you offer additional services such as transport, meals, bicycle hire, a sightseeing trip, room-extras, tours , classes, activities or events? How about sports?  Do you have a tennis court, fitness room? Tell your guests and let them book them as extras together with their room.

If you do not have facilities in-house you could consider partnerships with a local providers and sell them to your guests when they book their accommodation.

Not offering extras during the online booking process means that you will miss an opportunity to increase per booking revenues. All you need is a powerful online booking system which lets your guest select more than rooms.

Beds24 online booking system has build in functions to cross-sell. You can offer services  at the time of booking so your guest can easily select and buy the extras they require. You can  sell your activity up to the number of participants you specify. This works great for classes, tour groups, events etc. with limited availability.

You can do more than increasing room sales to optimise revenue: Let your guests know what you can do for them.